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Make sure your values shape your habits—and not the other way around

March 21 2022
A woman I was talking to recently confessed that, rather than working at her current job, what she really wants to do...

Is it time to get a coach?

February 26 2019
If you’re struggling to reach your goals, a coach can help get you on track How do you tackle a problem that’s plague...

It's OK to quit

January 29 2019
Is it time to quit that dead-end job/floundering business idea/unfulfilling volunteer commitment/time-sucking book cl...

When motivation fizzles, do these 3 things

November 28 2018
Excitement and motivation are never in short supply when setting out to accomplish a major goal. You’re jazzed and re...

You do have the time

November 20 2018
Making time for your passion project In my last post I posed the question – “Can you take your passion and turn it in...

Passion Project: Do what you love, feel great and maybe even get paid

November 14 2018
Do you have a passion? Or even just a hardcore hobby? Maybe you’re just really good at one very practical thing that ...

How To Be A Boss

July 24 2017
5 Tips for Surviving the Transition From Solo-preneur to Employer When you make the jump from working for yourself t...

Thirty-Five Strategies For Daily Success

July 10 2017
Why a book? Why now? In many ways, writing a book is a ‘bucket list’ item for executives as they near the final third...

‘Boss’ or ‘Mom’ – You Are a Leader

June 12 2017

Meditation: Your Magic Bullet for Productivity?

May 15 2017
Looking to give your business’ productivity a shot in the arm? Then take a time out. A time out for meditation, that ...

Pump Up Your Business with Power Partners

May 01 2017
Your greatest asset may be the company you keep, especially in terms of networking. Each of us has a handful of netwo...

Stress Management

April 17 2017
Better health? Better sleep? Better you? It all starts with stress management. Who hasn’t experienced a sleepless nig...

Give Back to Move Forward: The Power of Volunteering

April 03 2017
It’s not exactly rocket science to realize that doing good feels good. In fact, studies have shown volunteering has t...

Finding Your Core Values

March 27 2017
In previous posts, I’ve talked about setting goals and finding your “Why.” Both of these topics are infinitely import...

Take Your Passion From Hobby To Business In 5 Steps

February 27 2017
You’ve been making pies for the church, arranging flowers for friends’ weddings or knitting the cutest little baby bo...

Business is a Marathon: The ROI on Exercise

January 23 2017
If you’re a business owner I probably don’t have to tell you that running a business is a marathon. When you first st...

Sharpen the Saw and See Your Inspiration Skyrocket

December 26 2016
Looking for an inspirational read to jumpstart the best 2017 ever? 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Cov...

Get SMART with your goals for your BEST success yet!

October 31 2016
We're almost to the end of the year, and – oops, would you look at that? Many of us have lost track of our beginning ...
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