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So, what’s a challenge? And why should I do it?

Short answer:

A Best Day Ever challenge is a 6 week time period to reset your body and reset your habits. It’s not a crazy low carb diet, it’s not a cleanse and it’s not something that means you can’t leave your house because you’re so stressed about food. It is eating real food, moving more and having fun with new friends doing it. I guarantee you that by the end, you’ll be sleeping better, and have a more stable mood each and every day. And, PS: yes, you will lose weight.

Long Answer:

Simple matters. Food manifestos that are longer than bullet points are hard to follow. The Best Day Ever Challenge is based on simple principles (click here to see what they are) that we’ll be following and scoring every day using online systems and email.

  • There is strength in numbers, but not too many numbers: having a smaller, more intimate group of 30 or less makes the experience more meaningful. There are enough people that someone always says ‘me too!’ but not enough people to hide if they’re slipping off their commitment to health. Challenges are deliberately kept small to preserve relationship and camaraderie.

  • Movement is key: it doesn’t matter how you move or what you do but your lymph system has no pump. It relies on movement to move lymph (a clear fluid that helps immune function) through the body. If your body isn’t moving, your immune system is impacted.

  • You cannot out-exercise a bad diet: Abs are made in the kitchen. 1 hour on the treadmill does not equal the cookie you just put in your mouth. We watch what we eat with Best Day Ever. It’s a lot of veggies, some fruits, limited dairy, and no refined sugars or grains. It’s flooding your body with the nourishment it needs to reset and regroup.

  • Accountability matters: We all let ourselves down in small ways, every day (we run the yellow light, we text on the freeway, we hit the snooze button, we tell a white lie, we don’t floss our teeth, we snap at our kids, we skip the gym – you name it, we aren’t accountable in private). When we have to also let other people down, for whatever reason, we are less likely to do so. The group mentality is hugely helpful for creating new health habits. That’s why this is a GROUP challenge. We uplift each other, cheer each other on and have fun doing it.

  • Health habits are not just about what you put in your mouth: It’s about sleep. It’s about meditation. It’s about community. It’s about being gentle with yourself. It’s about showing gratitude. It’s not just about the kale and broccoli (though, bonus points for eating those too).

  • Healthy lifestyle habits starts slow and depending on where you start, isn’t all that fun. Carb flu is real: if you’ve been eating bread and jam every morning for breakfast for 38 years, you are going to feel like a truck hit you for the first week as your body starts to process something other than sugar and refined white flour for energy. If you’ve been getting by on 5 hours of sleep a night, initially you’re going to probably be more tired with 7 hours of sleep a night than before. I’ve been running these types of challenges since 2011 and have seen hundreds of women go through a variety of symptoms as they start to clean up their diet and change their habits. The body and our mental systems fight change; we like being comfortable; we like stasis. Having a group around you helps you break through and be successful when you haven’t been before.

    Speaking of weight, the weight doesn’t just pop on the day after the cupcake. It takes a week+ to see the results of last week’s binge. And it takes a good 6 weeks of really clean eating for other people to see the results of those positive choices. Which is why focusing on the number on the scale isn’t why I do fitness and nutrition challenges. What I do focus on is inches lost, pants sizes dropped, hours of sleep gained, and general overall mood. It’s not just about the scale.

    I do the fitness and nutrition challenges because good health is the baseline upon which a great life is built. It’s not about getting skinny. It’s about getting strong on the inside and the outside. That’s why all of my challenges have lifestyle components in them that challenge you to try something new, reach out to a friend, show appreciation and find stillness. Because it’s not about the crappy scale or about fitting into size 29 jeans; it’s about feeling good every day you wake up and being thankful for what you do have.

Diet Dictates Destiny

In a world where choice is everywhere and there’s an expert around every corner, it’s hard to know who to trust. I’ve been there; I’ve tried juice cleanses, went vegan, was a vegetarian for 30+ years and even did the master cleanse (don’t ask). While it’s true that one size doesn’t fit all, it’s equally true that there are nutritional fundamentals that increase energy, decrease fat and provide optimal performance no matter who you are or what size you are. Another fundamental in life? We go farther together. Want to radically change your relationship to food, drop a few pounds and come out better for it? Sign up for one of our fitness and nutritional challenges.

Remember diet dictates destiny. You can change the body you were born with.