I’m so glad you ended up at Best Day Ever. I’m Anne-Marie; I’ve been described as "delusionally optimistic," "a real life Leslie Knope" and a "spazzy Barbie." Those are probably all true to some degree. Really, I’m all about anything that makes my life feel and work better, and sharing that knowledge with others.

My journey to wellness, lifestyle and nutritional coaching started way back in 1998 when I wrote this simple life vision for myself:

I use my forward-thinking positivity to encourage women to lead lives of distinction that bring them joy.

Fast forward a couple decades: five businesses, one starter marriage, one forever marriage, sixty-two employees, 2 kids and 12 koi fish later, that mission is unchanged.

I live to inspire, cheerlead, coach and lead.

I do that at www.brambleberry.com where I have 60,000 customers that all make handmade soap, most of whom are small businesses that sell soap at farmers' markets, through Etsy and awesome retailers like Whole Foods and Anthroplogie. I ran my first health and nutrition challenge all the way back in 2011 and never looked back. I have my Masters Degree in Business Administration, undergrad degree in psychology and my Nutritional Therapy Degree.

There is a certain set of life principles that generally guide us to leading happier, well-fulfilled lives. Best Day Ever is about exploring those principles, together, and living our best lives, every day.

While you’re here, browse our podcast, our programs and our products. Everyone needs a Best Day Ever mug to start their day out right!

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