Notepad - Official, Large


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This 75-page notepad will help you to keep your brain on track and your life moving forward. Ever sit in a meeting and think, 'I need to remember that!?' and then 30 minutes later, the thought is totally gone? This notebook solves that and more. It's so beautifully designed and printed in quaint Bellingham, WA that you'll never want to be without it by your side.

In my real life, I often find myself jotting notes down on napkins, receipts, post-its and anything I can quickly grab at the time. This system works barely okay at home, but when I need to give a note to a colleague or friend the napkin method is usually not best; not to mention, napkins get lost and thrown away far too easily. Put those great ideas someplace where they won't disappear. This notepad keeps all of your most precious notes in one place while also reminding you to live your Best Day Ever!

These notepads are 6.5" x 9.0" and with gorgeously supple and smooth paper (really, truly; it's 60# Husky paper), making it easy for you to carry this around in your notebook, purse, briefcase, satchel or backpack.

  • 75 pages
  • 6.5 x 9 inches
  • 60# paper
  • shrink wrapped