Notepad - Daily Scheduler


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Let's face it, our lives are becoming more and more scheduled. Between work meetings, spinning class, kid's summer camps and social gatherings with friends, it's next to impossible to go without forgetting that it was your turn to bring apple slices to the peewee soccer game or pick up the champagne for a special toast. This notepad resolves the stress that comes with scheduling your everyday, every day.

With spaces to jot out your hours from 6am - 8pm this notepad is the perfect companion for the crazy busy scheduler. The left column allows for your full daily schedule while leaving you room on the right to include notes or important phone number for the day. Writing out your schedule in the morning will prepare you to have the best day ever. This scheduler helps me to keep on track without forgetting about an appointment and, it's compact enough that I can put it anywhere. And, if I'm making a schedule for someone else, it's easy to tear off a page and send it with them.

These 75-page notepads are 4.25" x 6.5" with high-quality 60# Husky brand paper, making it easy for you to carry this around in your notebook, purse, briefcase, satchel or backpack.

  • 75 pages
  • 4.25 x 6.5
  • 60# paper
  • shrink wrapped