I've truly changed how I eat, and when he's with me, hubby too! I no longer reach for a carb type snack, have totally cut back on sugar and wine, and am almost entirely gluten free. I have lots of supplements and stretch daily plus working out. So gratitude to you!!!

 - Lynn G, 65 years old


I have had the benefit of knowing Anne-Marie as a coach for several years. First and foremost, her coaching is based on a unique combination of experience and knowledge. She will never ask you to do something she does not do herself, and she will never point you in the direction of an activity that is not backed by research. Those two things alone would be enough to sing her praises, but there's more. Anne-Marie somehow manages to combine skill and experience with a positive and energetic personality that is always upbeat but never overly-syrupy. She is grounded in what is reasonably possible, yet not unnecessarily hemmed in by limitations. Choosing to work with Anne-Marie means choosing to be supported and uplifted, and also responsible and accountable. She will challenge you and she will love you, and you will discover that you are far more amazing than you thought you were.

 - Donna J, 43 years old


Anne-Marie is high energy, tenacious and has a rigorous standard for accuracy in information.  After years of spinning my wheels doing many of the right things, I finally discovered the key things that made the difference towards real and sustainable progress.  She always seems to have just the right words of encouragement, article or recent scientific study to help me take the next step – or get back on course.   She is kind and thoughtful in how she delivers information on tough topics such as accountability, sugar, alcohol and plateaus.  I am 51 and I cannot remember ever in my life feeling so great!  I would not have gotten here without Anne-Marie’s support.

 - Kirsten B, 51 years old


I want to thank you for helping me. I have lost 15 lbs eliminating carbs, sugar and most dairy from my diet. You told me what worked...thx! Any websites or recipes that you like I would love to have!

 - Kelly R, 51 years old


This way of eating has given me my life and enthusiasm back. I am rarely tempted with sugar and the arthritis in my fingers are mostly gone. I am down 8 lbs ( my goal was 10 ). I actually like to plan out my meals and I am forced to do so on this plan. Grocery shopping is way easy. Anne-Marie I am so glad you included me in your nutritional quest for perfection and total fulfillment when it comes to food.

 - Wenche F. 69 years old


So I weighed myself this morning. Since this is a safe place and we're all on our own journeys (and none of you know me), I'll share real numbers instead of making them up. When I started this program, I weighed 261 pounds (on my scale, which I will admit can be quite fickle and maybe not right, but it's what I have to work with). When I went to the doctor two weeks ago, I weighed 267. This was two days before my little binge that happened while I was missing my dogs who died. I also was wearing all my clothes and my shoes and I'd eaten two meals and had quite a bit of water. I figured I'd maybe be back to my original weight this morning, but when I stepped on the scale, after thinking and bouncing around for a while (just like the one on Biggest Loser), it stopped at 244 pounds. That's a 17 pound loss.

17 pounds.

17 pounds!

I didn't do this for the purpose of losing weight, but that sure is a nice little side benefit of eating well. I haven't counted calories at all. I know I've overindulged in both fruit and nuts, and at times I've eaten past the point of being full. Apparently there's a huge difference between eating too much green salad topped with chopped steak and eating a bag of tortilla chips topped with cheese. Who knew? Just kidding - I really knew that, but it's nice to have proof.

Non-scale victories:

  • Less pain in my joints. Like Lesli, it hasn't completely gone away, but I can go up and down the steps without single-stepping them.
  • My acid reflux is gone, but I still have to keep taking medication. I stopped (with my doctor's blessing) and a week later had some major pain in my chest that has been attributed to my esophagus being inflamed.
  • My hair and nails (especially my nails) are growing faster.
  • I'm more awake and focused during the day. There still have been one or two days when I've indulged in a short nap (isn't that what Sunday afternoons are for?), but for the most part, I do have more energy. Not sure I have the tiger blood, though.
  • I sleep soundly without waking up two or three times during the night.
  • I seem to have a little more patience with my grandsons.
  • I learned how to make a banging homemade mayo, and I plan to never go back to the kind in a jar!
  • I thought I'd learned how to like unsweetened tea, but I took a mouthful a few days ago and decided that I was only fooling myself. I really don't like it at all.

I'm going to keep doing this - eating healthfully, walking more when the weather starts to cool off, maybe finding a yoga video for absolute beginners who weigh way too much.

Thank you again, Anne-Marie! This came at the absolute best time for me! I was ready to start something, anything when you posted, and I'm grateful that you had room in the group to include me.

 - Vicki B


I am so grateful you did all this, it has been life changing experience, I am migraine free, lost 12 lbs, I know was not supposed to look, but was so tempted today, and yes lost 12 lbs. it's not about the lb. it's about how GOOD I feel.

I will keep writing I think, and for sure do your next challenge. Thanks a lot!,

 - From MC