Best Day Ever Manifesto

We believe that happiness is a choice, that laughter is essential and that your destiny is now. We believe it’s time to dive into life with the best you have to offer, improving daily and judging success on your own terms. We believe that the days of comparison are over and it’s time to live your best day ever.

We want to live in a world where laughter flows easily, where paying it forward is an everyday occurrence and generosity comes easily; a world where grace stops negative thoughts and forgiveness comes effortlessly. We want to live in a world where everyone takes control of their individual lives to enhance the joie de vivre of the whole.

We refuse to be complacent about our lives, our friendships or our health. We refuse to waste time on things that don’t matter, compromise values or keep friends who neg on us. We reject crappy design, cheap products and embrace the quality we choose to afford.

We decide to see the good in people, the bright side of spilled milk and the importance of impromptu dance parties. We choose to sit in the sand, to stare at the sunset and to deeply inhale the mountain. We choose friendship over boys, visits with gran over an awkward third date and excellent quality chocolate ... and a good salted caramel would always be welcome.

Join us in exploring what it means to live your best day ever. Read the blog. Check us out on Insta. Join a challenge or grab a mug to remind yourself that every day really is the Best Day Ever.