May 2023 Challenge


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Looking to build on the healthy habits you've already started for yourself in 2023? Or did you fall off your awesome track and need a little nudge cutting sugar and breaking up with wine again? I get it. We've all been there. And the truth is, we do better keeping our promises to ourselves when we have a group and accountability buddies to do it with. Join us in creating new habits to last not just all of 2023 but a lifetime. The reset starts May 1st and goes to June 9th I can hear your groan; I get it. Forty-two days is a long commitment! Let's talk about it.

The challenge officially starts May 1st to June 9th
That start day is a Monday. Friday through Sunday (that’s three days) are pre-challenge days where we clean out the fridge and get ourselves in the right mindset to improve our sleeping habits, our lifestyle habits, and to prep our family and friends. This means if you're thinking about signing up, do it earlier to get those three bonus days in there.

Not to worry; you don’t have to live in a cave to be successful at this.
Much of what we work on is lifestyle-related (things like moving your body 20 minutes a day, taking a healthy fish oil supplement, and drinking enough water). Some of it is more challenging (gluten is a no-no, dairy is limited to fermented dairy, and alcohol is off-limits).

This is YOUR challenge, though.
If you’re a baby challenger and haven’t ever done a reset or a challenge before, and you absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that when you (insert special event here – go to Disneyland, toast your best friend getting married, get promoted, etc.) that you absolutely will need that slice of cake or that champagne flute filled to the brim, don’t beat yourself up. Life happens. This nutritional and lifestyle reset is designed to give you habits and tools to survive and thrive for your entire life: not just these 42 days. So, even if you’ve got a thing (or four) coming up that you know will be a pre-planned nutritional miss, I hope you join us anyways. I know I’ve got one of those myself and I’m planning to use that ‘nutritional off-roading’ to feel powerful and strong about my self-control when I get right back on the route to perfection the next day.

So, what’s up with 42 days?
Everyone else does 21 or 30 days. Yup, you’re right. 7, 14, 21, and 30 days are pretty much the norm when it comes to cleanses, detox plans, resets, and challenges. This is 42 days because (1) it’s designed to be a manageable lifestyle, not a time where you white-knuckle it through chalky protein shakes and feel hungry all the time, and (2) it really takes that long (or longer) to form a habit.

What will you get for 42 days in the way of support?
You’ll get daily emails from me with encouragement, a meal plan, a shopping list, a downloadable journal, an accountability "fill in the circles" paper page (oh so fulfilling to see those circles fill up!), nutritious and delicious food recipes, and educational information. You’ll have access to a password-protected section of the website where you’ll log accountability points (we all like to see progress) and comment and discuss the day in a private blog setting. The private Facebook page is ridiculously popular because it's full of encouragements, real talk and mouth-watering recipes. It remains open for at least a month after the challenge. It’s an honor system (the logging of points) but, if you do get a perfect 42 days of eating and lifestyle practices, you’ll get a box in the mail with a present and surprise from me in the end that’s worth what it cost you to enter the challenge.

Still not sure? You should do it just for the education alone! Here are what some of the last challenge participants said they learned about themselves after doing the last challenge with me:

  • "Because before this challenge I was in a rut. This challenge really has me thinking about my eating habits and just about life. Funny but I CHOOSE HAPPY!!! People keep asking me if I'm going back to the way I use to eat. If I did then this challenge was for nothing. I want to stay heathy!! So I'm going to eat heathy!! Thank you Anne-Marie for helping me change my life!!"
  • "I feel so light, and magically everything started to flow. I feel very accomplished, more than ever before."
  • "I'm realizing the joint pain is gone and my cold symptoms have almost disappeared. My stomach is flatter, too. The joints could be sugar and gluten, I guess, but I'm pretty sure the sinus issues are from gluten. Pretty remarkable."
  • “Just wanted to share this: I got my blood work back from my physical and I've dropped my A1C by .4 and my glucose by 22 this year, which is huge! It puts me into the target range for my insurance, meaning money in my pocket! Not to mention the health benefit, with diabetes in my family."
  • "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The value of this challenge is worth triple what you charged. With that said though, the price was so reasonable that virtually anyone can afford it. Having the price so reasonable, it eliminated the 'motivation by cost' (for me) and forced me to dive deep into my soul. Thank you for this.”
  • “I have more perseverance than I thought I was capable. And, food tastes A LOT better without all the 'fussiness,' that is, without the extra sauces and frosting and glazes, etc. Plus, it was so much easier to do, once I got started.”
  • “I have learned that I have to set myself up to succeed with this, as it's difficult for me to inculcate good habits on the fly. Also, when I start my morning with savory foods I am less likely to reach for something sweet (that includes my morning fruit).”
  • "I had a good win yesterday - I've literally lost 10 points on the nose per the Drs visit yesterday!!! The whole back office clapped - besides eating better, the movement and all the water + Vit D, Vit A, must be what the Dr. ordered."
  • “I was thrilled yesterday when running around and it hit me: I feel strong. Do you have any idea just how long it has been since I have felt strong? When my back and hip crashed, I just sat down for one and a half years. I FEEL STRONG! That brings tears to my eyes."
  • “I learned how much sweeter everything naturally tastes when I take away sugar from my diet. I learned that eating healthy foods and nourishing my body helps boost my mood. Whether it's the actual food or my mindset I'm not sure, but it was wonderful to feel so good all the time. Thank you, Anne-Marie!”
  • “I've done a lot of these type of challenges and this one is by far the best!"
  • “I learned that 1) My willpower is STRONG! 2) I don't really miss sugar. 3) I won't die if I don't have a glass of wine with dinner.”
  •  “I learned that I can avoid a lot of starches and unnecessary junk, but I would prefer a diet that has some healthier starch and legumes. I feel as if that is a more accurate representation of what I can spend the rest of my life doing.”
  • “This challenge was life-changing. Truly. I would never have thought to give up gluten, never attributed my symptoms to it, but I have less inflammation (joint pains, extra fluids around my ankles and everywhere, really). I can tell that I've lost some inches and pounds, too, and my mood has improved about 150%! So glad that I participated in this challenge and I've already signed up for the next challenge. Can't wait! Thank you for creating such great content and a super safe, friendly place for people to share their experiences!"
  • “I thought I couldn't be happy without cheese and I was wrong. The cravings were really gone after the first week.”
  • “I learned how powerful support can be when doing something like this (not sure I would have done the whole time period by myself). Also shocked that I could cut out grains for a month (I love rice and oatmeal!) Also shocked that I can cut out sugar too -- my skin looks better!”
  • “I learned I don't eat or need as much food as others. I learned that I could still do better, and that avoiding a cheat day once a week helps eliminate body fat.”
  • “I could not even imagine that it is possible for me eating food without bread. I did it for 28 days. It is all in the mind. I feel more confident that maybe sometime in the future I can stop smoking too. Thank you, Anne-Marie.”
  • “I've learned that sugar is an addiction that must be treated as such. It's easy to control weight when you eat for hunger, not to support a habit/addiction/craving.”
  • “I can't be compliant on vacation or in the presence of pizza and beer! However, I lost seven pounds and I'm willing to commit to Paleo eating.”
  • “I learned that I can go without sugar and be OK. I learned how much better I can feel and sleep by fueling myself with better food choices. I learned that time without bread, rice, or pasta feels good!”
  • "I have reached my S.M.A.R.T. goal of losing 10 lbs. (I lost 13!). The most drastic loss is in my measurements, especially around my middle (I lost between .5 to 4 inches!). I have fewer digestion issues, fewer mood swings, and a more positive attitude. But what I’m really taking away from this experience is the confidence to know that if I really set my mind to something, I can actually do it! So glad I signed up, and thanks to everyone in the group for being so supportive. I’m looking forward to continuing my new good habits (for life!)."
  • “I lost 13 pounds. My clothes do fit better. I also have less stomach problems and skin reactions with the elimination of sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol, and salt."
  • “I learned that I am now successful when I have a support network like I had here.”
  • “This challenge was amazing and I really have to thank Anne-Marie for putting all of the time and energy into this! I'm feeling better then I have in over 3 (probably more) years. And I've allowed myself to make me a priority and it's amazing!"
  • Wow day 42 is here! Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration and knowledge throughout this challenge. I was a little nervous before starting this challenge but I am so amazed and proud of how I did! I will continue on with the healthy eating habits as I do feel so much better. I have lost about 13 pounds! I never did measure myself. Overall this past 42 days has been a great experience and I will join you on the next April challenge!
  • “I finally got on the scale. 18 lbs!!!! More than the lbs, I feel like someone has inserted a steel rod in my back (meaning I can stand up straight) and feel like WD40 has been injected into my joints."